Quick Guide: How Often Should You Clean an Office?

clean an office

A clean office environment is essential to workplace wellness, according to Envirofluid. It lowers the possibility of sickness transmission while maintaining a pleasant environment for both employees and guests. Maintaining cleanliness at a restaurant, workplace, or other type of environment is a major task. However, how frequently should you clean, and would hiring a cleaning service be beneficial?

Unsure about how often your office needs a spruce-up? This blog will help you establish a cleaning routine, but for a truly germ-free and productive environment, consider professional cleaning services in Melbourne.

clean an office

Factors to Consider When Deciding Your Cleaning Schedules


How many individuals, including guests, clients, and anyone else who could be arriving and going, work at your company every day? You may get away with cleaning your office just once a week if it’s a tiny company with a small crew. Even with a small staff, bathrooms and any spaces used for food preparation should be cleaned at the conclusion of each workday.

With about twenty employees, a medium-sized workplace would require two or three cleans every week. Cleaning is required daily or even more frequently in large enterprises with a large workforce, particularly in the lavatory and kitchen areas.

Business Industry

For health and safety concerns, a restaurant or school must be cleaned every day; however, a small office with a small staff can be cleaned less frequently. The offices of a more industrial company with fewer employees and guests might not require daily cleaning, but public areas like restrooms and reception areas should be kept up.

Funding or resources

You can use cleaning workers as much as you’d like if you have the funds to hire them on a part-time or full-time basis. You may have custodial or janitorial workers on hand that can cover all cleaning-related activities on a roster. If not, you should think about hiring a cleaning service as regularly as your budget will allow.

A routine office or building clean should include all major staff and client areas, regardless of whether you are hired commercial cleaners or have your own cleaning crew. 

Let’s examine these in further detail:


Daily cleaning is necessary to keep bathrooms hygienic and to stop the spread of disease. Restock toilet paper and paper towels, clean sinks and toilets, disinfect doorknobs and surfaces, and remove trash are all done by a professional cleaning service like Simone’s Cleaning Services. Additionally, the floors will be mopped and swept.

Reception or lobby

This space needs to be tidy and well-maintained since it creates the initial image of your company. Every few days, it will need to be vacuumed and dusted, and any trash should be taken out. Little things like making sure books and periodicals are arranged properly can have a tremendous impact!

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Restrooms and kitchens

To stop the transmission of bacteria, any areas used for food preparation must be well cleansed. Microwaves, taps, benches, sinks, and cabinet knobs can all contain and disseminate dangerous foodborne pathogens. To prevent the transmission of illness among staff members, these should be sanitised at the conclusion of each workday. To remain on top of spills and messes, a larger office may need to hire a cleaner to come in more than once a day to clean these areas.  


Food crumbs, dust, and other waste are all collected by carpets. Especially in heavy traffic locations such as common spaces, entranceways and staff quarters. They can become particularly untidy in the muddy, rainy winter months. In busy offices, carpets should be vacuumed every day; in less busy offices, it should be done every few days.

To keep linoleum or hardwood floors clean, they should be swept and mopped. If spills aren’t cleaned up, they can lead to slips and falls, which is a health and safety risk.


Although weekly window washing is not necessary, regular cleaning is nonetheless vital. This prolongs the life of the windows and joinery while also keeping your building in a presentable manner. It’s not required to wash windows during the wet winter months; in fact, it can be extremely dangerous in inclement weather. As a general rule, depending on how dusty or pollen-prone your specific location is, give your home a thorough cleaning at the start and/or end of summer.


Understanding the different factors to consider when and how often you will schedule cleaning your office is important not just for your health, but also for your productivity, and budget management. Of course, in deciding who to contact with your cleaning maintenance needs, Simone’s Cleaning Services is always the best solution. Not just that, all of our cleaners have undergone extensive training, and security clearance, but also are prepared to offer your company excellent service. 

All general cleaning requirements, such as floor cleaning and kitchen and bathroom cleaning, can be handled by us. Because we utilise certified environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, both your employees and the environment will benefit from our services. To assist you in gaining control, we can also offer window cleaning services or one-time cleanings.

For busy offices with participants in the NDIS program, this guide offers tips on establishing a cleaning routine. However, for a more comprehensive clean that caters to individual needs, consider utilizing NDIS cleaning services to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone.

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